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El Cabina Events

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Concert Maurice Louca,ElCabina - mohamed elnagar- Monday 24 September (4)

Maurice Louca Concert

On monday, September 24th El Cabina is hosting Maurice Louca in a musical performance of his compositions. It starts at 8 pm. Maurica Louca was born in Cairo and lives and works there. He participated in establishing  the band Bikya. He wrote the soundtracks for Sherif El Azama’s video entitled Phsychological Geography of Loose Association“ [...]

عام التنين

Book Signing: “Dragon Year” by Mohammed Rabia

El Cabina library will host a book signing and discussion with author Mohammad Rabia about his new book, “Dragon Year”. “Dragon Year” is Rabia’s second novel after his first book “Amber Planet” which received the Sawaris Culture Award for best youth novel. He completed “Amber Planet” under the tutelage of Yasser Abdellatif during a writing [...]


Film Screening: ““When Father Was Away on Business” by Emir Kusturica

El Cabina will screen “When Father Was Away on Business” during the month’s third and final showing of Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s films. The film tells a story from a child’s perspective about the time period just after World War II – days of stress and conflict between Yugoslavians and the Soviet Union. After the [...]


Celebration of Egyptian Comics Magazine Tok Tok

On Saturday, September 15th at 8:00 pm El Cabina will be celebrating the making of the Egyptian comics magazine and its founder through: a live drawing, a screening of the movie: Tok Tok: The Making, and the selling and signing of the latest issue.


Spanish Writer Francesc Seres Visits El Cabina

In coordination with the “Tramlines” program which Gudran Association for Art and Development organizes in cooperation with the foundation of Literature Across Frontiers (LAF), on Friday, September 14 at 8 pm El Cabina Library will hold a reading for the Spanish writer Francesc Serés where he will talk about his writings, read one story of [...]


Book Discussion of Mu’min el Mohamedy’s “Dear Muslim Citizen, Why Are You So Backward?”

The novelist Amina Abd el Shafy will be hosting a book discussion of Mu’min el Mohamedy’s “Dear Muslim Citizen, Why Are You So Backward?” on Wednesday, September 12 at 8:00 pm.


Film Screening: “Bahari” by Ahmed Ghoniemy

El Cabina hosts the screening of “Bahari”, a short film directed by Ahmed Ghoniemy. The film participated in many film festivals in Europe and around the world. It premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and was also screened at the Montreal World Film Festival. At the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg, the [...]


Film Screening: “Underground” by Emir Kusturica

On Tuesday September 4th at 8 pm El Cabina Cine Club will screen “Underground”, a movie by the Yugoslavian director Emir Kusturica. This movie reflects the history of Yugoslavia since the beginning of WWII to the most recent horrible events that occurred in the Balkan region. Behind the comedy is hidden the pain of entire [...]


Open discussion with Iman Mersal

Open discussion with Iman Mersal Friday, 10 August 2012 – 10 pm Iman Mersal is an Egyptian poet and writer. She lives with her family in Canada where she works as a professor at the University of Alberta. She is one of the most important and beautiful voices among Arabic prose writers. She wrote three [...]


Film Screening: Three short films by Alexandra D’Onforio

 El-Cabina will screen of the 3 short movies directed by the Greek visual anthropologist Alexandra D’Onofrio about CIE (the contours of identification and expulsion) in Itlay through telling the stories of Arab youth who immigrate to Europe illegally seeking a better life and better world. Alexandra D’Onofrio is an Anthropology Media and Performance (AMP) PhD [...]


Banu Hilal Epic Poetry

Mr. Abd al Bast Noah, a performer of epic poems of the Hilal tribe from Al-Balyana city in the Northern Egyptian region Sohag, will present three nights in a row of the Banu Hilal epic during his second visit to Al Cabina. Mr. Abd ak Bast remains among the few epic poem performers who presents [...]


Poetry Reading and Discussion with Poet Mohab Nasr

Friday, 3 August 2012 – 10 pm Mohab Nasr is an Egyptian poet and writer who was born in Alexandria and now lives in Kuwait. He published a book of poetry years ago entitled When a Bird Steals Your Eyes, making him a distinguished voice in the movement of Arab poets of prose. We will [...]


Telepoetic Concert

Exclusive Musical visual performance by Telepoetic Live visuals by: Mohamed Abdel Zaher